Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

A little late... Christmas Presents

I guess it's really late... But better late than never. The presents I got from my boyfriend were all packed in a Selfridges box (and separately wrapped). So I was really excited - I bet you can’t really find anything at Selfridges I would not want to have!

First I unwrapped a white diary from Moleskine. It got a tradition that I get one for Christmas (and this one is a special edition for Selfridges). The blue little booklet is a calendar (also Moleskine). But as I have got a big one from Ted Baker as well, I will use it as a little notebook when my other one will be filled with lots of ideas.

Then there was another little box wrapped with very cute glitter paper. And it turned out that a white iphone 4 s was in it. I have to say... I think I might be the only person in this world being shocked to get an iphone. I'm absolutely not interested in electronics (I don't even watch TV. The only thing I would need to stay alive is a hair dryer, my laptop and a fridge) and I love presents that will have a personal value to me in 10 years - two years ago I got a Mont Blanc pen, which is the best present I ever got in my whole life! 

I had a blackberry before which I thought was the best phone I ever owned (b. i. - before iphone)... Somehow I'm still struggling with it, as it does not always do what I want (I just guess my fingers are way to fat for the tiny symbols on the touch screen) and I just did not want to get into that iphone flow (if you have one, you will have to get a new one when the next comes out). "If you don't have the iphone... You don't have the app store..." (apple advert). Well. If you don't want an iphone, then you don't want an iphone.

But when I saw the very proud and happy face of my boyfriend whilst opening the present (still hoping a handbag would jump out – maybe a folded one) I just thought the biggest gift on Christmas was not the iphone. But the best boyfriend in this world :)

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