Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Spring/Summer Colours for your legs

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Schaut mal, was ich gefunden habe! Diese pastellfarbenen Jeans sind so wunderbar fantastisch, dass ich es gar nicht abwarten kann sie - bei besserem Wetter - zu tragen. Ich bin mir noch nicht sicher, ob ich sie bei Zara kaufen werde, aber eine mintfarbene und eine gelbe Jeans wird wohl auf jeden Fall in meinen Schrank wandern.

Look what I found. These pastel coloured jeans are just wonderful and I can‘t wait it to be warmer to wear them.
Not sure if I will get those from Zara, but I guess I will definitely get a mint and maybe a yellow one.

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Addicted to... L'OCCITANE Rose Du Desert

I never understood the big hype around L'OCCITANE. In my oppinion it was only hand creme. It is. But just better than the others.

I loved the smell so much that I also bought the same lip balm.

Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Winter Wonderland

I actually like the winter. Of course it would clearly be better to get all the cold weather and snow during Christmas time, but hey. At least I have the chance to wear my big, warm hat from Bogner.

Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

New Shoes from Amsterdam

Last weekend I found these wonderful shoes in Amsterdam. Somehow I did not manage to find any flat shoes for this winter. Oh well. It's January already and I guess I better think about summer items :)